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Sometimes when building the perfectly shaped promotion, a normal shape will simply not work.  Utilizing award winning graphics, cutting edge compression technology, and hi – tech digital printing, AB will provide a custom shape to add maximum impact to any promotion.  With over 200 stock shapes available, there’s simply no stopping us!

The T-shirt Inside the Box!
Q: What do you get when you take a custom imprinted t-shirt and place it inside a really small custom imprinted box?

A: The most effective promotional package in the world today! Seriously, there are no limits to what you can promote with a Smash Box™, whether you choose one of our many standard boxes or let us design a custom one for your special need.

                                          The ‘Safe’ promotion

So Cool! It’s a Wrap!
Sometimes a promotion needs that little bit extra! We call it Smash Wrap™. Based on traditional packaging, we wrap the promotional T-shirt in a graphic package to achieve eye-popping results or to simulate an actual product package.

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