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E-Procurement provides your business with the ultimate in cost control, giving you instant management information by cost centre and saving you time and money in the ordering process.

From a single user to a multi department or multi site company this is the intelligent solution.

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E-PROCUREMENT technology, this e-Procurement site gives you distributed access combined with centralised control, enabling the procurement function to be proactively managed to deliver greater business value. Rather than manually processing transactions, procurement professionals are now able to focus their efforts on strategic sourcing and evaluating ways to reduce spending. End users utilise self-service applications to quickly find the right products, from approved vendors, at pre-negotiated prices through the use of electronic catalogues.

Procurement is a key business process within all companies and is an ideal area where the transformation to e-business can be initiated - a well-defined process that can be fully automated with an internet-based solution producing an immediate return on investment. For companies deciding the first step toward becoming an e-business, AB
E-PROCUREMENT technology gives instant access to effective e-procurement.

Until recently, procurement processes have been manual, paper-based, error prone, and inefficient. There are a number of improvements that can be realised by moving this manual process online and automating its associated steps - including a reduction in annual procurement spending by 20% or more.



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